Dead Space 3 – Amazing franchise with a troubling trailer. What made Dead Space so great was it’s ability to take you by the shoulders and scare the pants off you. It did this with a fairly simplistic story, simple engineering tools that Isaac was forced to use as weapons and isolating environments. Every ping and electrical short out scared you and it was great. Now here we are a few years later and the Dead Space 3 trailer is full of explosions and machine guns. Could it be a great game? Sure, but will it be the survival horror game you want? It doesn’t look likely. They showed off a co-op mission which seemed fun enough, but it doesn’t resemble the Dead Space we fell in love with. Look for this game in February 2013.

Madden NFL 13 – This year Madden is sporting a new game engine entitled the Infinity engine. This engine will produce more realistic hits and no two plays will look the same. Players will be able to recover from hits and push for a few more yards. Smaller players won’t be able to run over bigger players, but they will be faster.They also showed off the new online mode that allows up to 32 people to join a league and play as superstar or created player together. It combines the all star mode with online play and it looks interesting. It also allows you to manage your player on tablets and smart phones with a specialized app.

SimCity Social / New SimCity – SimCity was given a new trailer and it looks great. The Sim franchise has been away for a while but with a new facebook game and new modern franchise addition, fans will have plenty to play with. The PC version of SimCity was the most impressive of the bunch and it offered gamers a familiar feel. With a new graphical engine and gameplay features, it should extend the life of the franchise even further. There wasn’t a lot of information given about these titles but check for more info over the next few days. Look for SimCity Social in a few weeks and a brand new SimCity game in February 2013.

Battlefield 3 Premium – A new service has been announced for Battlefield 3 fans. This membership will give gamers all sorts of extra content including more maps, weapons, vehicles, customizations and access. This new service is available now at $49.99 USD and if you sign up today, you’ll get to download the first Battlefield DLC pack on the PS3 now, before the initial release of this content. If you own an Xbox 360 or PC you’ll have to wait till next week. If you gotta get your Battlefield 3 DLC quick and early, this may be for you.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – From Bioware comes the announcement of more content for Knights of the Old Republic including new missions, operations, a new companion, a new playable species, a higher level cap, new abilities, a new warzone and a new world to explore. If you are into this MMO there is plenty more gameplay headed your way.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter – This game looks like your standard military FPS and a continuation on the franchise. The demonstration showed a campaign that took place in Somalia. The fighting was fluid, the weapons seemed to respond well but the sound direction was most impressive. The guns always seemed to sound better with the Medal of Honor series and this game seems to keep true to this notion. There will also be a robust multiplayer mode that will allow players to assume a role in one of twelve different tier 1 military organizations from ten different nations including the Russian Spetsnaz, US Navy Seals, and the German KSK. Look for this title October 23rd of this year.

FIFA 13 – There was some talk about EA Sports and their integration with social networks but FIFA 13 had the most air time. They mentioned that all your XP will transfer from other EA FIFA titles to this years model. Players will also get special bonuses for being a fan including celebrations and kits to purchase using currency. For those that are in Football club, any version of the game you play whether its on the iPad or the console, your stats will be added to the club to view anywhere. More is coming soon for this title so stay tuned.

EA Sports and UFC – EA Sports and the UFC announced a multi year deal which will bring the UFC franchise under the EA Sports banner. It is a sad day for THQ who previously held the right to the franchise, but this deal will certainly increase the viewership of the UFC and fight fans will certainly get a quality product. This seems to be EA MMA 2 but they didn’t announce branding so that remains to be seen.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted – The latest version of the Need for Speed franchise featured Criterion’s latest effor, NFS: Most Wanted. The game offers an intense driving experience with even some open world racing elements. There is single and mulitplayer modes and this should satisfy racing fans everywhere. Look for this game on October 30th of this year.

Crysis 3 – They showed a short gameplay trailer but that was it. The game looked good and featured a recognizable style of play that is sure to get Crysis fans excited. There were plenty of explosions, assassinations and gunplay for everyone to enjoy. You can play this in February 2013 and get more information in the coming months.

Overall, EA had a decent showing at E3 this year. There weren’t a ton of new announcements as in years past, or had the most exciting show on the block, but what you can expect is quality titles coming out of this publisher. Whether you prefer Dead Space 3 or FIFA 13, EA has something for you to enjoy. It is a little odd that everything is coming out in February 2013, but that just means you have a few months to start saving your money.


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