We hope you are as excited about E3 as we are and that is why we are posting the schedule for E3 viewing.  This is all the info you need to get the most out of the show.  We are only waiting on Sony’s conference announcement so sit tight and we’ll update this when we get that info. Check it out.

Nintendo Press Conference 

Konami Press Conference
Thursday June 6th

US Pacific – 11:00 am
US Mountain – 12:00 pm
US Central – 1:00 pm
US Eastern – 2:00 pm
UK – 6:00 pm
AU – 3:00 am (Friday June 7th) Sydney

Microsoft Press Conference 
Monday June 10th

US Pacific – 9:00 am
US Mountain – 10:00 am
US Central – 11:00 am
US Eastern – 12:00 pm
UK – 5:00 pm
AU – 2:00 am (Tuesday June 11th) Sydney

Ubisoft Press Conference 
Monday June 10th

US Pacific – 1:00 pm
US Mountain – 2:00 pm
US Central – 3:00 pm
US Eastern – 4:00 pm
UK – 9:00 pm
AU – 6:00 am (Tuesday June 11th) Sydney

EA Press Conference 
Monday June 10th

US Pacific – 3:00 pm
US Mountain – 4:00 pm
US Central – 5:00 pm
US Eastern – 6:00 pm
UK – 11:00 pm
AU – 8:00 am (Tuesday June 11th) Sydney

Sony Press Conference
onday June 10th

US Pacific – 6:00 pm
US Mountain – 7:00 pm
US Central – 8:00 pm
US Eastern – 9:00 pm
UK – 2:00 am (Tuesday June 11th)
AU – 11:00 am (Tuesday June 11th) Sydney



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