According to Polygon, Capcom scrapped a Mega Man X FPS codenamed Maverick Hunter in 2010. It would have been created by the makers of Metroid Prime in Austin based Armature Studios (director Mark Pacini, lead art director Todd Keller and lead technical engineer Jack Mathews) The first person shooter also had a X suit designed by the Iron Man suit creator Adi Granov. It seemed to have more sophisticated modern video game writing contrasting the differences between what makes one Mega or just Man. The game would have been overseen by Bionic Commando producer Ben Judd.

The article also goes into why Armature has been unknown for all this time, despite having such a internally praised proof of concept (and a fan approved proof of concept.) Besides the leaving of Capcom’s Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, there was also a deal Armature made with EA that has backfired for their company.

Imagine if this was released instead of fanmade low tech, Street Fighter X Mega Man for the Mega Man 25th Anniversary?

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