After the recently announced news about Resident Evil: Revelations trailer, what else would follow it up better than Duck Tales Remastered?

Just kidding.

In all honesty though, the game looks really re-polished. Ever since Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom is really been on the ball for upping the graphics for video games, outside of Darkstalkers. This game looks more aesthetically pleasing to me than any of the recent DS Mario games. The game is essentially being a part of the old cartoon in your hands.  The animation may be even better than that of the 90s era. The music sounds great.

I have to tip my hat to Disney: Kingdom Hearts, Epic Mickey, and now DuckTales.

Maybe it’s time to bring back the cartoon as a franchise. What do you say?

DuckTales Remastered will be a multiple platform release.

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  • DB N

    WHAAT!!! WOW!! Ahhh my inner child just smiled