Capcom published their financial results for 2012 and it revealed that Resident Evil 6 sold just short of five million copies. While that may sound like a lot to most, and it is a lot of sales, it failed to meet the expectations of its publisher. Capcom fully expected Resident Evil 6 to surpass Resident Evil 5 sales of six million copies sold.

Resident Evil 6 caused quite the controversy when it was released to eagerly waiting fans. Most people expected the game to showcase more of the survival horror elements that made the franchise famous. Instead there was a refocused effort towards an action-based game. Though we didn’t necessarily find that to be a bad thing, we agreed that it was against expectations. Apparently, video game consumers opted to sit this round of Resident Evil out.


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  • I love how 5 million is a disappointment now. Resident Evil 6 wasn’t nearly the disaster many made it out to be and in this editors humble opinion, is a better game than 5.

    • pilotpsk

      I definitely agree, 5 million sales is great even if it is less than RE5. When you consider that TWO Resident Evil games (Revelations and Operation Raccoon City) came out in between 5 and 6, that is actually quite good.