The original Poker Night at the Inventory was an unfortunate buy in  for Team Fortress 2 accessories. Oh and the game itself was terrible. Oh Valve and Tell Tale Games. For sequel shame!

Is this new commercial way better than the new game? Does anybody want to find out?

With it comes:

  • Poker Visor for Borderlands 2‘s Siren
  • Portal Skin for Borderlands 2‘s Assassin
  • Brock Samson’s hair for Borderlands 2‘s Gunzerker
  • Max Mask for Borderlands 2‘s Mechromancer
  • Evil Ash Head for Borderlands 2‘s Commando
  • The Necrinomicrown for Team Fortress 2‘s Pyro
  • The Long Fall Loafers (Chell’s boots) for Team Fortress 2‘s Scout
  • The Dapper Disguise (Handsome Jack’s mask) for Team Fortress 2‘s Spy
  • The Bloodhound (Sam’s hat) for Team Fortress 2‘s Sniper
  • The Samson Skewer (Brock Samson’s knife) for Team Fortress 2‘s Heavy

And I thought Zynga was out of business…

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