A NeoGAF user by the name of EatChildren discovered a website that appears to be linked to the not cancelled, but still in development, game Prey 2.

Included in the NeoGAF posting is a screenshot of the webpage’s source code which contains references to “Prey 2”, “Human Head Studios” and “Bethesda.”  The source code also has a countdown embedded within it that ends on March 1. Apparently the source code has been changed since the release of this information, as any references to Prey 2, Bethesda, or Human Head Studios has been taken out.  It is unknown whether the source code has actually been changed or if the screenshot was just a faked.

Despite the lack of evidence to prove the legitimacy of the screenshot, there is a line on the bottom of the page that reads “Tommy needs your help.”  The name of the protagonist from the original game was Tommy so it’s possible this could be a reference to that character.


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