• is currently 25% off at $14.99.
  • is currently a top seller on Steam.
  • is challenging, but not compared to similarly-styled video games from the ’90s.
  • will make video game programmers think differently about how they design and code their projects.

Developed by experimental game designer Alexander Bruce, Antichamber is a critically acclaimed Non-Euclidean masterpiece. It was the Grand Prize Winner of the million dollar Make Something Unreal video game creation contest in 2011, and has already garnered many awards for technical excellence. I consider it as innovative as Portal and the next best thing for indie games since Braid, an earlier Game of the Year nominee.

Some fans of the game stated on the Antichamber Facebook page that they had beaten the game in under 3 hours, so don’t expect a longer playing experience. They did, however, mention the game’s replay value and how much they enjoyed Antichamber overall.

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