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Aksys gives people pretty big smiles with the games they create.  They also give back to people that need a smile.

Two years ago, March 2011, a horrible natural tragedy happened in the form of a tsunami and an earthquake to those in Japan.  Although time has passed, the scars will be evident for a while and Aksys Games is raising money with American Red Cross to help the victims.  Aksys owns a catalog of deep RPGs and hyper popular fighting games that you can find on pretty much all modern gaming platforms.  We are talking about Blazblue, Guilty Gears, and also the new Persona 4 Arena, and they will donate $5 for every purchase until Friday the 15th of March!

This gives us two more days to be part of a wonderful fundraiser!  You can check out a gamer/writer currently helping the cause at the destruction site and/or make a purchase on Aksys Games.

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