Agarest Generations of War Sexy Girl Bondage ScreenshotAgarest: Generations of War, the Tactical RPG game previously released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PSN, is now targeting Steam via the “Steam Greenlight” service. The publisher is “Ghostlight”, who localized the game and brought it to European shores.

Now Ghostlight is asking for fans of Japanese RPGs, Strategy RPGs and smaller localization developers to consider voting for the project so it can see the light-of-day on the PC. Steam has been a growing environment for Japanese RPGs, the types of games that used to be almost entirely console-specific. This is a very positive development, as it is much easier to simply download these games for PC, than to find them at retail where many Japanese RPGs (especially those from small publishing houses) become hard to find in a very short amount of time.

If the game gets published via Steam Greenlight via community votes, the game will include Gamepad and Mouse/Keyboard support as well as Steam Achievements, and will be based on the Aksys’ North American Xbox 360 translation of the game.

So please consider supporting Agarest: Generations of War on Steam Greenlight, as Ghostlight’s success on getting the game published to Steam would be a huge boon to the development and publishing community and will definitely help convince other publishers to bring more Japanese RPGs to Steam!


At the dawn of time, the world of Agarest was plunged into a terrible war between the forces of good and evil. Entire races fought and died for their divine masters, ending in the total destruction of the world. The victorious Gods of light unified their defeated foes, creating a new world and sealing their broken bodies into an eternity of darkness. With the ancient wars fading into distant memory, all have forgotten the evil slumbering beneath their feet, but the darkness remembers. It watches. It waits. The seal that held the evil for aeons is fading and war is again raging among the Kingdoms of Men. Leonhardt, an officer in the Gridamas Army is disillusioned by the brutal war against the races of the Frontier. Coming across a young elven girl about to be killed by his men, Leonhardt betrays his own nation, selling his soul in an attempt to rescue her. Now, Leonhardt must become the first to cross the continents since ancient times on a quest to defeat the forces of darkness and renew the seal. The dark road ahead is paved with betrayal, death and sacrifice, but the light of love and companionship will guide him on his journey.

Key Features
* Choose the path of darkness or light through a truly epic story spanning 5 generations and featuring a massive 60+ hours of gameplay!
* Battle hundreds of different creatures using an array of character abilities, in compelling and strategic turn-based combat .
* Control the battlefield in the Extended Turn Battle System; position your team and link characters for awesome combo attacks and use your skills and items to destroy your enemies!
* Unite with your chosen heroine using the “Soul Breed” system and together shape the fate of the next generation of heroes.
* Collect hundreds of items and weapons, and harness the power of alchemy to vastly improve equipment .
* Build the ultimate army of warriors and master Extra Skills, Special Arts and Over Kills to defeat colossal enemies!
* Enjoy the vast selection of stunning cut scenes and unlock over 800 items in the in-game gallery!
* Command your destiny as your actions and decisions lead you to discover the many different possible game endings. Which path to victory will you tread?

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