Today, Adam Sessler formerly of G4 TV, went on to discuss the effects of violent video games. He made a number of good points and spoke well on gaming’s behalf. It is a worth-while video so check it out and let us know what you think. Do you agree with what he had to say or do you feel otherwise?

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Joe Marchese is the founder / Editor in Chief of New Gamer Nation. He has been a gamer for his whole life but has been focusing on his passion to deliver the industry's new to New Gamer Nation. He is an expert of video game culture and has been featured on Fox News Online. Don't be shy to reach out and let him know what you think!

  • Nconnors13

    I think it was smart of Adam to relate it to sports, since most people will understand that aggression isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Millions of people love boxing and wrestling.  Those sports involve people physically hurting one another, but it’s okay, because it’s technically a sport.  However, fictionally harming someone else in a game is thought of as far worse.  

    • I think he did a great job. He made simple and effective comparisons and made a complex idea sound simple. Any parent watching that would understand completely why video games aren’t to blame and that is how it should be presented. Well done Adam Sessler.

  • M. Brinkman

    I’ve always been annoyed by parents and politicians alike that equate video games with kids.   If they only knew how many voting adults were life-long gamers, I think they’d be a lot less likely to weigh in on the subject.   

    • pilotpsk

      Couldn’t agree more, well said.

  • DSB_IV

    Any time Adam Sessler speaks I always listen. 

  • TooTall_Hall

    This was actually a good interview on Fox news part. Whenever I see one of their interviews it’s always yelling at each other just fighting to get a word in. Adam did a fantastic job pointing out the aggressive competitive side of all games, not just video games. 

    Hopefully ignorant parents now understand that it’s their own fault for their kids playing video games; when those video games can only be bought if they are a certain age(the ultra-violent ones being 17 or 18 over).