Abobo's Big Adventure

Who knew a year could go by so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday Abobo set out on his quest to reclaim his son Aboboy through hell and high water of classic NES mayhem. To celebrate the one year anniversary of Abobo’s Big Adventure the developers said:

We made him a cake, but he smashed it between his beefy hands into a hot ball of magma and threw it through an orphanage.

So while a cake might not be that perfect present, Abobo’s Big Adventure has been nominated for Game of the Year and Best Action Adventure game over at jayisgames. So if you have a hot second go over and vote for Abobo’s Big Adventure to give him a present that he would truly want. Otherwise face the wrath of Abobo…

If you have yet to release the rage of Abobo, definitely check it out as it is by far the best tribute to the days of video game glory that ever was. Seriously what other game will let you mate with a mermaid, pile drive jaws, or eat a child.

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