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Overwatch is an objective based game that focuses on teamwork. So I’m constantly shocked and surprised to see people trying to play individually. Selfish plays will only cause your team to lose, so don’t be that guy or gal. Yet, whenever these issues are addressed, they are ignored completely by the player as if they never want to hear the words spoken. So, here are a few tips to make sure you play this game the right way.

  1. It’s not about eliminations.

This is an objective based game. OBJECTIVE. That’s hard for a lot of gamers to understand. A game will never be won by reaching a certain amount of kills. Yes, kills are important for obvious reasons. If the other team isn’t alive they can’t take the objective. However, running all over the map trading your life for one of there’s isn’t doing much good. I understand flanking and there is definitely a need for it. There is also a lot of people who simply run behind enemy lines and then die. To keep the payload moving as fast as possible you need three people near it. I’m constantly shocked as I watch my entire team run off to go kill something and leave the payload sitting there.

I’ve also been in games where my team is so far spread out and pushed forward one enemy sneaks into the objective area we were defending and starts capturing it. I’m usually the last defense and if I lose that fight the enemy player is in an amazing position. Our team has to immediately sprint for the objective which takes their focus off the fight…well half the time my team doesn’t care if the objective is being taken actually. As long as they can get that one more kill.

Ask yourself some questions. Are you far away on the other side of the map trying to get one kill as the objective is taken? Do you really need to be there? Are you distracting the other team or are they distracting you? Is it better to get one kill and die, or to survive with no kills but prevent enemies from coming close to the objective? And the most important question: how are you helping your team defend/attack the objective right now. 

  1. We don’t need three Snipers.

Hey people, I know you want to be Widowmaker or Hanzo, but I hate to say it: if there is already a Widowmmaker we probably don’t need another one. Doubling up a hero is okay now and again, but I’ve seen too many people refuse to change the character even when our team is getting stomped. And switching from the only Tank to the third Sniper definitely isn’t going to turn the tides of battle.

This goes back to my first point…it’s not about eliminations. It’s about defending or taking the objective. If we have two or three snipers and that payload is moving steady through the entire map; it’s not working. Select someone else. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy them even more.  

  1. We need a Support.

Along those lines of not being a third Sniper, why not be a Support instead. I generally play as Support and I love helping the team. But after ten games I’d like to play something else. I rarely ever see another person cover Support and most teams would rather lose the game then switch to Support.

I can only assume this has to do with people wanting the most eliminations, but that’s what Zenyatta is for. He’s an extremely offensive Support character. Try him out and get some kills while still helping your team. 9/10 times a team with a good Support will win the match against one that doesn’t have any. Yet, people constantly avoid them like the plague and will double or triple up on Tracer instead.

  1. Can you cover the rear?

Say it with me this time: it’s not about the eliminations. There are characters specifically designed to flank the team, take out the Support, and disrupt the defensive line. So play smart. If you know the other team has two Tracers, chances are they will be hitting the back of your team. If your front line is pushing well or holding well, take that time to make sure no one is getting behind you. Yes, you may be out of the action for a few seconds, but I promise your team will thank you when they don’t get shot in the back from a pesky flanker.

The best way to keep this in mind is to check your Support. Make sure they aren’t being targeted in the back because you know it’s going to be the first person a flanker goes for. Keeping your Support alive means keeping your team alive.

  1. Wait for us.

The absolute best way to get anything done in Overwatch is to work as a team. This starts out great but eventually people will die and warp back to the beginning. At times, these spawns can be perfectly spaced out so you keep getting back to the battle alone. It’s like a bug smashing into a wall. You get swatted down immediately and the same happens to your teammates. It’s okay to wait. It really is. I know you want to get back to the action but give it a couple seconds. If you see someone standing still and saying “group up on me,” go stand with them. Get your group together and then make a strong push that won’t be 1v6.

Don’t misunderstand me and make everyone wait in your base. You don’t want the other team to push too far ahead, but there’s a way to pester them without really fighting them. Know the difference and make sure you don’t try to push by yourself.

A few simple suggestions that I think will make an already unbelievable game that much more incredible. The biggest downside so far is the people who not use to playing cooperative games like this. It’s all about teamwork people, so let’s start working as a team.

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