content-id-youtube-600x369Recently, YouTube has enabled “Content ID scanning”, an automated system that scans channels identified as affiliates of MCNs [Multi Channel Networks] for potential copyright violations.

Since the scan went into effect the other day, a huge wave of claims against gaming channels has arisen as thousands of videos are flagged for content violations. This has caused outrage amongst YouTube publishers whose videos have been blocked from public view and removed from YouTube’s monetization program.

Many video game uploaders are arguing that a great deal of the claims being made against their videos are bogus and come from 3rd parties wishing to make a quick buck for themselves due to how easy YouTube has made it for just about anyone to file a content violation report. One such claim is in regards to a video uploaded by the host of Jimquisition and Reviews Editor at The Escapist magazine, Jim Sterling. The video in question is a spoof of the BAFTA awards show using clips taken from official BAFTA shows and splicing them with his own. Strangely, the spoof video has been flagged by none other than BAFTA themselves for somehow infringing on their copyright.

Of the many other YouTube publishers negatively affected by these new policies, one of the most popular and respected is YouTube personality Angry Joe. Joe, like many YouTube publishers, earns a living primarily through uploading content consisting of video clips and/or music belonging to 3rd party companies; however, the time and effort he puts into making quality reviews and LPs (Lets Plays) has earned him a huge fan following.

Just exactly why YouTube feels the need to stab such dedicated publishers in the back, after all the hard work they’ve done and the thousands upon thousands of viewers they’ve brought to YouTube, is anybody’s guess.

But if much of the content currently being flagged, content that was submitted by long-time publishers, is actually in violation of copyright laws, then should YouTube themselves not be reprimanded? It seems incredibly hypocritical of them to punish the uploaders they’ve happily been profiting off of, while avoiding taking responsibility for the content having been uploaded to their website in the first place.

The question that is now on many a YouTube publishers mind is, where to go from here?

There is, of course, still hope for some video game uploaders; specifically, those who are willing to contribute videos that are in line with YouTube’s new content standards . But what about those who are unable or unwilling to do so? Well, many have stated that they see little point in continuing to share their videos on a website that has all but made it impossible for them to earn a living doing what they love.

Below is a more in-depth explanation as to what exactly is going on from Force Strategy Gaming and how it will effect YouTube publishers going forward. Below that is an exceptionally angry Angry Joe Show episode where Joe shares his thoughts on YouTube’s new and very controversial content policies.




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