STRAFE has already made waves with its amazingly retro, over-the-top trailer that did the rounds a few weeks ago. Now, the game has been funded on Kickstarter and has surpassed their original goal of $185,000 by over $15,000. To celebrate, Pixel Titans has released a video that’s even more insane than the first:

Produced with their distinctive brand of subtlety, Pixel Titans is now looking to achieve some stretch goals. At $250,000, there will be co-op play. At $325,000, Pixel Titans promise mod support.

Since there isn’t much time left, Pixel Titans is moving the fundraising to Paypal for the next month in an attempt to reach these two stretch goals. What’s even better is their approach to these goals:

If we make these goals co-op and mod support will be in the full game but may be added after launch as to not detract from the development of the single player experience that over 4000 backers paid to play! (These would be free expansions)

Stretch goals have the potential to create bloated development times for small games on Kickstarter, so it’s nice to see that Pixel Titans is staying realistic about their success. At this rate, they’ll have no problem raising more money. Apparently, nostalgia is an effective marketing tool. Who knew?

If you want to party like it’s 1996 and donate, go to their Kickstarter page or their website. Check out some killer pre-alpha gameplay footage with developer commentary here.

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