Capcom has slowly been rolling out the new roster for Street Fighter 5 and today they announced a character many never saw coming. Rainbow Mika who hasn’t got her hands on any street fighters since Street Fighter Alpha 3 will come flying into combat. R. Mika will use her professional wrestling skills to body slam her opponents in style. Using command grabs and tricky setups to pummel her foes into submission. She also has the ability to call in her tag team partner for some extra damaging combos. The PlayStation Blog has released more details on Rainbow Mika and a fancy new trailer along with it.

People have been clamoring for the masked wrestlers return and Capcom has delivered. Rainbow Mika will be playable at PAX Prime so there will surely be more footage to come. Capcom is really throwing in some different characters that truly look unique. Did you see this coming? Let us know what you think about the new addition in the comments below.

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