Nintendo may be wrapping up production on the Wii U if a report in the Nikkei turns out to be true. The Japanese business reporter says Nintendo is gearing up for their next console, codenamed the NX, and low sales numbers are behind the decision to end production at the end of 2016. All remaining Nintendo Wii U’s will still be sold as long as they’re in stock after that. The report is also saying that production is already discontinuing some Wii U accessories.

Nintendo has denied this rumor, by saying the report didn’t come from them. A spokesman stated the company intends to continue producing more hardware units during the next fiscal term and beyond.

Though with the arrival and official announcement of a new console due later this year, would Nintendo really cut production on their current generation console? Though it would make for the shortest console cycle for Nintendo, it doesn’t seem likely mostly because we’ve seen last generation consoles being made and sold well past the launch of the new generation. Though rumors are usually to be taken with a grain of salt, companies tend to deny them with the first chance they get.

So what do you think gamers? Do you believe the reports on the Wii U ending production so soon or do you think there’s still more time left for the console? Let us know in the comment section below and stay right here to New Gamer Nation as your source for all things gaming.

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