Yo yo YO! Welcome on back to newest n00bcast.  This one’s coming at you a bit… ok way late, but ain’t it worth the wait.  In this episode we laugh a little, we cry a little, and we certainly make fun of Bubba’s ridiculous claims of the Wii U’s worth.  We talk about the Oculus Rift, how the Hulkster now has one more Hulkamaniac in heaven, where the sciences have gone in schools, and plenty other offensive things I’m sure.

Ghost ride the cast!

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Show Notes:

Intro/Outro: DJ Cutman (Please check his site to listen and purchase the awesome music here)

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Pretty much unbeatable in any game. Master of all, n00b in none. My forte is whatever is in the system, arcade cabinet or on the computer. I enjoy winning but have gotten so used to it I'd like to give losing a try to see how it tastes. This is my Xbox Live gamertag, add me. My time is money, but if you're lucky maybe I'll give you a free whoopin'.