Bloodborne is the next big Playstation 4 exclusive, after that other one with monsters and the 19th century aesthetic. Sony has just released a bunch of gorgeous screenshots and more details about the game’s asynchronous multiplayer.

Bloodborne’s online multiplayer takes a few cues from the Souls series, the most popular of From Software’s IPs. In fact, the basics look to be lifted straight from Demon’s Souls and its two sequels: players can leave messages for one another, other players appear as white phantoms, and death leaves behind tombstones that others can activate to see the the poor soul’s last moments.

Additionally, hosts can invite friendly phantoms into their own game world to get assistance defeating the area boss. Much like in Dark Souls, invited guests get rewarded for protecting the host and killing the boss. Hostile players can invade as red phantoms as well, only being rewarded if they kill the host of the world.

What’s new are the Chalice Dungeons that run underneath the city of Yharnam. Hunters must conduct a chalice ritual to enter, and here’s the catch– every time the ritual is performed, the dungeon changes shape. Each adventure will be different, and players can also download generated dungeons from others.

Bloodborne will be released March 24th here in the States. You can watch the brutal, bloody gameplay here and a new story trailer here.

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