All you racing fans out there may find that the current gen controllers just don’t cut it sometimes.  A common complaint is when moving through turns your thumb doesn’t always stay where you need it to stay.  Well we are happy to report that Kontrol Freek has heard the call and come out with a product that addresses this common complaint.  Allow us to introduce you to the SpeedFreek.  This product has been on the market for a little while but that doesn’t take away from what this can do for you if racing games is your thing.

What makes this product different from the rest is that it was specifically designed to keep your thumb exactly where you want it at all times.  When you look at the SpeedFreek that is precisely what you get.  A plastic “U” shaped harness that sits on the top of the thumbsticks just like all the other Kontrol Freek products.  This allows you to worry about where your thumb needs to be in relation to steering rather than trying to make sure your thumb doesn’t slip.  In this regard the SpeedFreek is an excellent product and does exactly that.  The “U” shaped design cradles your thumb comfortably and securely.  No matter how hard or soft you move your thumb against the walls of the SpeedFreek, you wont have any issues with slipping.  As far as non-permanent modifications to your controllers go, Kontrol Freek products do exactly as they promise and the SpeedFreek is no exception.

Unfortunately I found that though this product does a great job in keeping your thumb where you need it at all times, it doesn’t really give you and mechanical advantage.  Unlike the FPS Freek which give you more leverage and a sometimes significant mechanical advantage, the SpeedFreek product won’t make you a better player.  This product seems to go after the hardcore Gran Turismo or Forza players who need every shred of control they can get to make that perfect turn.  This product will certainly make sure that if you have the skill you’ll accomplish whatever you need to.  The SpeedFreek gives players a unique feel to their thumbstick and though it may not help everyone, it would help those most interested in racing games.

Though this is what we would consider a specialty product, it is still a quality one.  Much like all Kontrol Freek products, the SpeedFreek will fit on top of any Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 thumbstick with no tools necessary to install it.  The universal brackets on the bottom of the product fit both console thumbsticks easily, and with a small amount of force, install just as quickly.  If you want to remove them just use your thumb and press against the bracket and they will come off the controller without damaging the product or your property.  As mentioned before, this is a temporary controller modification but it does what it says its going to do and that is a great thing.

Though I don’t see how this product is going to make a general racing fan better, I do see how this product can help a super fan up their game.  The thumbstick mod is comfortable and easy to install and remove.  If you are looking for a product that will change the feel and grip of your current controller, this is definitely the product for you.  Overall I would recommend this product for the demographic they were targeting, racing fans.

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

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