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Ewoks Coming To Star Wars: The Old Republic


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While Yoda is certainly a fan favorite in terms of Star Wars characters, the cute and cuddly Ewoks definitely manage to hold their ground in terms of popularity. Well if you are still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), as soon as Path 2.3 hits (target date is August 6th), Ewoks will be joining the fight as a playable companion.

Treek (as shown above) wears heavy armor and uses Aim as the primary stat. If you hope to recruit Treek though, it is going to cost you. At the Cartel Bazaar at your faction’s fleet headquarters you will need to pay a droid one million credits and no amount of Jedi mind tricks are going to change the price. However with the game now being free-to-play, if you want you can pay in Cartel Coins (purchased with real money). Lastly you will need to be Legacy Level 40.

Looking to pick up Treek and excited for an Ewok companion? Drop a comment and let us know.

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