Today, Creative Assembly posted a batch of brand new in-game screenshots for their up and coming sci-fi, survival horror game Alien Isolation, with a heavy focus on one particular figure. As you can tell by the screens below, Alien Isolation has a much darker tone and atmosphere when compared to past Aliens games and looks to be paying proper respect to the source material.

alien isolation 1

The motion tracker is essential for avoiding the Xenomorph and for keeping tabs on where it may be lurking

alien isolation 2

Cretaive Assembly have stated that certain tools will prove helpful in surviving an encounter with the Alien, is this one such tool?

alien isolation 3

The computer monitors and wall clutter pays homage to the original Alien movie and helps to further immerse the player in the Alien universe

alien isolation 4

The Xenomorph in Alien Isolation is a towering brute conpared to those seen in past Alien games

alien isolation 5

Alien Isolation shows just how terrifying a Xenomorph encounter would truly be

alien isolation 6

A born hunter and the perfect organism, how will you survive coming face to face with this Xenomorph?

alien isolation 7

The atmosphere and lightig in this screen screems pure survival horror

alien isolation 8

While Alien Isolation is a survival horror game, it’s safe to bet they’ll be a few action set pieces here and there to help break up the tension

Alien Isolation is being developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. The game will be available on Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and will be released sometime later this year

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