For those that don’t know who Fred Gambino is, he is a highly regarded sci-fi artist. Chances are, you’ve seen his work somewhere. In case you can’t recall, you can see his work in films like The Ant Bully and Jimmy Neutron. Most importantly, you can see his work in video games such as F1 Race Stars, Epic Mickey and many more.


The time has come to bring his work together into a collection worthy of his contributions to the art world and The Art of Fred Gambino does an excellent job at showing off some of his beautiful works of science fiction. This collection is full of exclusive concept art from the multimedia project Dark Shepherd but there is more here than just that. You’ll see some of Fred Gambino’s greatest works all in one collection.

The art itself is gorgeous when it is presented as a compellation like this and Titan Publishing did Fred Gambino’s work justice. The print medium really lends itself to this type of presentation where the full page splashes of sci-fi masterpieces seem to come alive page after page. The work is reminiscent of games like the Mass Effect franchise, so if you are a big fan of those games, this concept art will particularly appeal to you.


The work displayed in this collection evokes a mixed set of emotions. The use of color is particularly striking in many of his works, but there is a distinctly human side of his work there as well. You get an interesting glimpse of a vision of the future as humans continue to progress technologically. However, there is a dark undertone to his work that gives off a sense of reserve and a cautiously optimistic future. As you page through this collection, you can’t help but wish that Dark Shepherd would be a video game where you could explore the depth of the work from your own perspective. We can only hope that through this art collection, people will get excited about the work he is doing and someone takes the initiative to take Dark Shepard to another medium.


Overall, The Art of Fred Gambino is a beautiful collection of striking sci-fi art work. If you are a fan of sci-fi art work or even franchises like Mass Effect or Halo to a certain extent, this collection should speak directly to you. Dark Shepherd show tremendous potential of becoming the next big sci-fi project. With your support, it would only expedite the process and seeing this collection is a great first step. We loved the presentation and quality of this art collection and we recommend this for all those sci-fi fans out there. We are sure you will love it as much as we did.


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