Looking ahead to Uncharted 4 on the horizon, some people have wondered what’s next for the developers behind the Uncharted franchise and The Last of Us, Naughty Dog. It looks like Naughty Dog has “at least one more” game in store for the Playstation 4. Speaking to Finder, community strategist for Naughty Dog, Arne Meyer stated:

I’m sure there’s some big master plan somewhere, in terms of what the cycles are. We usually find out about the new hardware once they’re actually ready to give us development kits even if they’re early. We don’t know ahead of time when that cycle ends, we just have to focus on making the best game we can on the hardware we do have.

I mean I have no doubt – I don’t know what the timelines are – but we have at least one, maybe two games left in the console generation, maybe more. Clearly we can release a game really late in a console generation and do well, right?

Any number of things can happen in this console cycle generation. With Nintendo coming out with a new console in the coming years, that could change the “master plans” for both Sony and Microsoft. Of course, they could stay the course and have a longer console generation cycle and maybe Naughty Dog could have more than one or two games the PS4.

What do you think gamers, do you think this console generation is going to be shorter than anticipated or are we in for a longer one? What do you think those games could be? Let us know in the comments below and for all things gaming, stay right here to New Gamer Nation.

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  • Eddie B

    I really think Ps5 will be out at the end of 2018, with Uncharted 4 coming in 2016 Naughty Dog will max out the ps4 with TLOU 2 in 2018 or a new ip and then the ps5 will come out in November.

    • DSB_IV

      Five years was about the average time for the life cycle for the console generations before they went to a new one. I just have a bit of a hard time believing this one is only going to last a couple years because the last one was a little longer. I think it might depend on what Nintendo does though, because if they come out with a more powerful machine and it’s a big hit, then I think we might see Sony and Microsoft try something else within that timeframe.