Take your seat everyone it’s time for another N.G.N. Showdown. The only place in the world were video games get put up against real life attractions. In this edition the protagonist of the inFamous series faces off against the lead singer of Sugar Ray. Announcer, commence the introductions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Showdown, presented by New Gamer Nation. This match up is a best of seven series, the first to score four victories will be the winner of this showdown. Introducing first, from Newport Beach, California by way of Hartford Connecticut, Mark McGrath! His opponent, from New Marias, Louisiana, by way of Empire City, he is the “Electric Man” Cole MacGrath!

Round 1: Best known for
Mark McGrath: Being the lead singer for the band Sugar Ray

Cole McGrath: The main protagonist of the inFamous series

Edge: Cole MacGrath
As nice as it would be to tour the world as a rock star, the powers ultimately win out because super hero is higher up on the chain of ultimate bad assery.

Round 2: Better Second Job
Mark McGrath: Remains busy with multiple projects including game show host of “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” and was a co-host of the television show “Extra”, was also at one point a guest judge on American Idol, and has done some acting.

Cole MacGrath: Before acquiring his powers, Cole MacGrath was a college dropout who took a job as a bike messenger.

Edge: Mark McGrath
It’s not hard to pick this one only because being on television is a more desired job than bike messenger, and quite frankly I don’t think Cole has the charisma to host a television show.

Round 3: Supporting Cast
Mark McGrath: While on tour with Sugar Ray, his usual cohorts include the members of the band and roadies. While working his television gig, McGrath has the camera crew and producers to make a taping go smoothly.

Cole MacGrath: Cole is usually associated by his former girlfriend Trish, a mysterious woman named Moya, an ominous man named John White in the first game. In the second game Cole is joined by a federal agent named Lucy Kuo, and a fellow conduit with the power to teleport named Nix. The one constant through his journey Ezekiel Jedediah Dunbar.

Edge: Cole MacGrath
Good friends are hard to find and while Zeke did betray you in the first game, he saves your life and they make amends in the second game in the series. It’s a beautiful friendship that has survived some very rocky and strange (to say the least) circumstances.

Round 4: Better Ink
Mark McGrath: 2 Birds on each of his shoulders, hands held in prayer over the right pectoral, and the letter M over the left and an S over his belly button, and the infamous “Rolex” tattoo on his right hip.

Cole McGrath: tribal band over his left bicep, a Celtic type cross on his right forearm, and other various ones that appear throughout your progression of the second game.

Edge: Mark McGrath
McGrath’s have more meaning behind them and one idiotic story of a drunken night with friends. Cole McGrath’s just kind of appear out of nowhere simply because you level up…Where’s the needles for that?

Round 5: Best Way to get around
Mark McGrath: Limousines with drivers, and his own array of expensive cars

Cole MacGrath: Floating, and electrically grinding on wires

Edge: Cole McGrath
Sure Mark McGrath has it easy with limos and driving cars that can cost more than some people’s houses, but he’s still a slave to traffic. Cole MacGrath gets the edge because not only does he eliminate a commute by running, jumping, grinding, and floating everywhere, but he can blow up the cars that get in his way…Or he can use that electric blast to just push it out of the way. I prefer blowing the car up though.

Round 6: He looks like…
Mark McGrath: Ethan Hawke

Cole MacGrath: Jason Statham

Edge: Cole MacGrath
Let’s face facts if they make an inFamous movie (please don’t Hollywood), you’re more likely to see that than the Mark McGrath movie…and you can throw in Danny McBride to play Zeke.

Score: Mark McGrath-2, Cole MacGrath-4
Mark McGrath had a very good shot with his job and ink, but in the end the “Demon of Empire City” was just too much. Cole MacGrath has the company, the powers, the look, and oh yeah the powers. Congrats Cole, crack open a cold one with Zeke up on your rooftop, you’ve earned it.

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