Tetris has been around for decades, and almost every portable electronic device has a variant of it available for play.  Tetris has helped to expand the fan base of video games to the average person thanks to its simple design and challenging game play.  Tetris introduced the public to a game that could be played without being intimidated or worried about being able to understand the controls.  This remains as true today as it ever has.  Today, New Gamer Nation takes a look at the updated mobile version of the classic game.  Tetris by Electronic Arts is available to download via your iOS or Android powered device.

Electronic Arts has done a wonderful job in blending current gaming generation features, while keeping intact the classic elements of Tetris. Gamers will be able to play in marathon mode, where the object is to make full lines of blocks in order to keep the board empty of bricks.  The marathon mode is a simple, yet incredibly important, mode for the old-school Tetris players.

In the theme of keeping it classic, EA has kept the traditional music that Tetris fans will enjoy.  Continuing on the music front, gamers from the 8-bit generation will have the ability to purchase that sound track.  The good news here is that “coins” can be earned from playing the game, rather than having to fork over additional real coins.

Even though EA has done their best to stay true, there have been many enhancements to make the game more modern, such as the addition of two new playable modes. Up first is the Marathon One Touch mode.  This mode is a single finger’s dream; it enhances the classic marathon mode by allowing the laziest of gamers to play with just one finger.  The game outlines 3 options where you can place your brick.  Simply touch the outline with the finger of choice to place the brick.  The draw of this mode is that the simplification allows players of all ages and levels to have a great time playing the game.

The last playable mode is named Galaxy, oddly enough.  If Tetris was not already a puzzle lover’s dream, the Galaxy mode adds even more depth for them to love. Here, players will have to solve the puzzle presented with the least amount of moves.  Figure out the level in the least amount of time and moves, and you earn a 5-star rating.

Finally, EA has added social media integration for Tetris through Facebook.  As this version of the game is played on multiple mobile devices, it seems right to connect it with the world’s social network of choice.  It is always a nice feature to let family and friends know how good one can be at fitting oddly shaped objects into even odder shaped spaces.

While some gamers will be put off by having to purchase app upgrades, in this day and age of gaming, it is not to be unexpected.  Electronic Arts has taken all the best of what Tetris has to offer and adds some great new challenges to increase the overall enjoyment of the game. The blending of both classic and new will have gamers of all ages enjoying what this updated version of Tetris has brought to their mobile lifestyle.

[xrr rating=9/10]

This review is based on a retail copy of the iOS version of Tetris published by Electronic Arts

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