A recent report from the website Semiaccurate claims that the Xbox 720 and the Playstation 4 have received updated internal codenames.  The report also gives limited details on the chips the systems will use.

According to the report, Microsoft has done away with the codename “Durango” and has now dubbed their console Kryptos.  As for the PS4, it turns out that “Thebes” was the actual codename for the system not “Orbis” as many people originally believed.

Both Sony and Microsoft‘s next generation consoles are expected to sport an AMD chip.  Microsoft‘s chip, codename “Oban”, has been put into mass production, but has reportedly ran into production issues that are negatively effecting its quality.  These issues could possibly cause delays for the console.  Sony‘s AMD chip is planned to enter full production after Microsoft‘s Oban chip.


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