Ubisoft is offering some pre-order bonuses for Might & Magic Heroes VI standalone expansion, Shades of Darkness, which will feature a fairly decent amount of in-game stuff. Just know that you will need to pre-order using Ubisoft’s Uplay shop to receive the Master of All Darkness pack which will contain:

The Angel of Death Pack

  • The Exclusive Hero, Belketh (creator of the Necromancer Order)
  • His unique weapon, the Dragon Staff

The Dynasty Warrior Pack

  • Dragon Flame Tongue¬† – The most powerful weapon of the mythical Dragon Knights is now yours to master
  • Perfect Silksword – Forged and perfected during six generations, this legendary blade is finally ready for battle.

Exclusive Dynasty Weapon

  • Staff of Sar Aggreth – Sar-Aggreth was one of the seven Disciples of Sar-Eiam and the Headmaster of the very first Academy of Magic.

Additionally, Ubisoft is releasing the Complete Edition of Might & Magic Heroes VI which will include an enhanced version of the game, all bonus maps, all unlockable items, a complete set of adventure packs, the original soundtrack for the game as well as the Shades of Darkness expansion pack.

Both the Complete Edition as well as the Shades of Darkness expansion pack will be available for download on PC February 28, 2013.  Check out the screenshots and trailer below.

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