Yo yo yo! Welcome to NGN’s n00bcast numero 26, spoken as spanish en mi cabeza, and we have stories by the boatload for ya. As you may imagine, DroppinLoot had another tragic night in LoL and his somber self dwelled on the finishing of Season 3 and his escape of the dastardly franchise by help of the Online Elderscrolls (which is a game we’re hella excited to see @ PAX btw….jes sayin). Also, we cover the Big 2 in gaming with PS4 and X1. Yoshida previewed some PS4 stuff in his fancy recliner. NOW WE ALL HAVE TO GET ONE!! I mean, it is the most popular pre-order for a console up to this point. Bubba talks up his current experience of the new Madden 25. And we close the night with our weekly discussion, this one being which games in our experience have united gamers with non-gamers.

We wear eight gold rangs like Shabb-Shabba Ranks.

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Intro/Outro: DJ Cutman (Please check his site to listen and purchase the awesome music here)

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