There’s a new problem threatening players who play Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360:  The Graveyard Virus.

The Graveyard Virus stems from an exploit, discovered by players of the game, that unlocks a hidden hardcore mode found inside the game’s code.  When this hardcore mode is unlocked, it alters the player’s saved games.  Players with these altered saved games who play online with others can infect those innocent players, altering their saved games as well.  This is how the problem spreads like a computer virus.

Players infected with the virus will find that, once they die, all of their player data will be erased, bringing them to the main menu, and making the person a source of profanity that could be heard from space.

A patch for the problem was submitted last week, but it appears that the virus is still spreading to innocent vault hunters.  Gearbox Software Community Manager Chris Faylor recommends that you should avoid playing public games, instead playing only with friends.  If you do play a public game, keep in mind that when you leave the game, exit via the “Save and Quit” option, located in the menu options.  If you do die and get booted to the main menu, immediately click continue to get back to your game.

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