Handhelds adding functionality to console titles is not an entirely new concept: on the N64, Pokémon Stadium could import data from the previous Gameboy series. LittleBigPlanet 2, however, will be the first PS3 game to allow players to use their PS Vita as a controller and—similar to the Wii U—also allow for multi-screen gameplay.

Titled the “Cross-Controller DLC Pack“, the new controls allow the Vita‘s front and back touch capabilities to be used to create both objects and levels, which is handy considering the almost endless possible worlds that can be designed with LittleBigPlanet 2‘s complex level editor. These new features promise to not only help enhance your creative side, but also give the player a multi-faceted way to control Sackboy on his continuing adventures. Along with the added controller functionality comes bonus game content: Sackboy will team up with a group of space pirates, who have one common goal—finding a priceless treasure!

The “Cross-Controller DLC Pack”  is all wrapped up in a nicely priced $4.99 package and is scheduled to be released December 18.

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