We all know that in order to be the best you have to use the best equipment.  Personally at NGN we are big fans of the Tritton AX Pro model of headsets and we feel these are the best headsets we had the pleasure of playing with.  The AX Pro is a set that was specifically designed to work with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 through an optical audio connection, all of which is given to you in the box.  This allows the headsets to deliver true Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound inside the headset.  This is quite handy considering that the AX Pro has a total of 4 speakers in each ear plus a subwoofer allowing you to hear sounds coming at you in any direction.  Sound impressive?  Well they are and let us get further into the product.

Before we get super technical about this headset, lets talk about some of the features of this headset.  This set comes with an inline volume control but this isn’t your standard volume control module.  Since the headset has several pairs of speakers, you can control each set individually.  Want more bass in your headset? Want to make the rear speakers louder for those sneaky assassins? It is all possible and it works great.  With this inline control you can finally customize your audio the way you want it without having to rely on volume settings or software.  Everything is done on the headset and once you set it up these feature work right away with no extra software settings.  Also on the inline module are the mic controls and allow you to increase or decrease the mic chatter or mute it all together.  With everything you need right on one module, it makes it hard to not like this headset but there is more.

This headset comes with an audio controller box which does all of the sound decoding.  This is a separate module and this is great because it means you don’t have to update software to get peak decoding performance and it doesn’t slow down your system.  The audio controller is able to decode pretty much any Dolby signal your games are putting out so you don’t have to worry about selecting audio decoders or anything like that.  You just start the game up and it does all the rest.  There are some advanced features on the controller for further customization but we didn’t find it necessary to mess with these.

The headset itself is a large headset compared to the sets we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing.  They are also on the heavy side due to all the technology in the band and ear cups.  It is hard to fault the design for being so big and heavy since it wouldn’t have all the great features otherwise but it is a concern for some people.  Despite its stature, they are built quite well and even with regular heavy use they still hold up well.  We did find that the set itself is rather rigid so fine adjustments may be difficult or impossible depending on the size of the player.  Luckily for us the set fit us nicely and was snug to our head.  The set comes with two different materials to pad the ear cup so whether its material or a leather type material you prefer, it comes in the box.  Like most top end headsets, this set comes with a removable mic that plugs into the underside of the headset.  The mic works well and can be adjusted to where you like the mic to be while you game.  Overall we found the headset to be comfortable for us but we could see how it may not suit all players.

This is where things take a turn for the worse.  In order to get this set to work properly you have to plug it in to 2 power outlets.  This is a big problem seeing as both plugs have a large adapter at the end of it.  It is understandable that a modern, technology filled headset would have one plug to power everything since USB can only power so much.  Unfortunately having 2 plugs made this headset hard to handle and accommodate in a standard gaming rig.  This is obviously more aesthetic in nature than functional but it is worth noting.

Overall, the Tritton AX Pro is a top notch, quality headset.  This is also a very expensive headset but still cheaper than other sets in its quality level.  If you have the money and you are looking for a great headset to take your gaming to a new level I would highly recommend you take a look at these.  Gaming will never sound the same.

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