Role playing games are some of the most popular games around. They take the player and immerse them in a world unlike any other genre can. Especially when you look at MMOs, the story usually develops over a long period of time as new quests appear that expand both the main story and alternate paths. Starting on of these games after the game has released for a while can get daunting with tons of backstory to catch up on. It usually detracts you from playing the game and it seems the longer an MMORPG is out, the harder they are to get into. Luckily, Titan publishing has created a product that can help alleviate some of these issues and make MMORPGs easier to get into from the start.


Introducing The Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tamriel – Book 1: The Land, a full book that takes the text from Elder Scrolls Online, organizes it by type and presents it in a book that catches you up assuming you are a new player. This presentation is a great way to get into The Elder Scrolls Online without having to read chapters of text. If you read the Tales of Tamriel series, you’d know everything you’d need to know about the world of Elder Scrolls Online without ever having to start up the game. Each volume tackles a certain topic directly from the game. This frees you up to actually play the game rather than read walls of text. The book we had access to was Book 1: The Land and it focused on the battlefields and history of the land of Tamriel. It gives you a history lesson of the places and events that went on so you can have a deeper appreciation of the areas you explore in the game.

Not only does Book 1: The Land offer you a historical account of the land from the game, but it features exclusive artwork from the game itself. Each piece of art compliments the text pulled from the game and gives you a visual guide as you read the lore from the game. Each piece of art looks great and gives a ton of context to what you are reading without having to reference outside material. The whole package just makes sense for anyone looking to get into the Elder Scrolls Online since it can only help to enrich your experience. Even if you are already playing the game, if you are looking for exclusive art work, this is also a great source of that material.


As usual, the presentation of the book is great. Titan publishing does a wonderful job creating a product that is worth your money. The book as a whole looks great from the high quality cover to the images inside the book, you can rest assured that finding a better quality reference book is simply out of the question. If you’ve ever purchased a book from Titan, you know what to expect and this book is no different than any other book they took on.

Overall, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tamriel – Book 1: The Land is a wonderful introduction to Elder Scrolls Online. Especially with the console version of the game coming up, this is the perfect way to catch up on what you’ve been missing all this time. Not only will it get you caught up with the game’s lore, but you’ll see a ton of exclusive art and it will save you reading once you get into the game itself. It makes perfect sense and is certainly a must buy for anyone interested in The Elder Scrolls Online. We certainly enjoyed our time learning the lore of the game and it only served to get us more excited for the console release next month! Make sure you get out there and get caught up!

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