Let me start off by saying, this is not a list of what I think the best PS3 games are of all time. That list would look different from this one, because this is a list of the games that I liked personally the most on the PS3. With the PS4 growing ever closer, I couldn’t help thinking back to the games I’ve played over the year and the ones that really stuck with me. Some aren’t that old while others are over half a decade. What I found out while drafting this list, was how incredibly hard it was to narrow it down. Some of my favorite games – that I spent hours on – didn’t make it onto this list. There are so many crazy good games out there, narrowing it into a list of 5 games is a challenge. Even right now, there are some games battling for positions in my head. I should warn people right here and now, because I foresee this problem from miles away. I have never played the original Bioshock, so that will not be on the list, maybe if I did, it would be. So I am not saying Bioshock isn’t worthy, I simply saying I haven’t experienced it, and therefore I am unaware of its awesomeness besides what everyone tells me. But hell, even Journey – one of the greatest games I’ve ever played – didn’t make it onto this list, and while I anticipate a lot of hate for the games I’ve chosen, I picked them all for a reason. Without further adieu (besides giving a slight spoilers warning), let’s dive in.


5. Infamous

I am a huge fan of Sucker Punch ever since I played the first Sly Cooper, which was actually the game that made me go for the PS2 over the Gamecube (a big faux pas at the time among my friends). Infamous was a masterpiece when I played it. The open world, the progression-leveling system, the cool graphic novel cut-scenes, the crazy amount of powers you get, the story worth experiencing twice, and that absolutely mind-blowing ending. You literally got two entire playthroughs out of the game and they felt completely different. One mission was hard the first time; because you had to be careful about nearby pedestrians, while the second time – being evil – you could just blow everything up. I experienced games where choices mattered before, but this game had choices that were actually really hard to make. Save the woman I love or doctors that would do untold good. It was tough choosing between this and Infamous 2, especially when Infamous 2 has one of the greatest cut-scenes in history, and one of the saddest endings I’ve experienced. But I had to go with the first one, because it was the more memorable for me. Sucker Punch knows how to make a masterpiece and it’s why I am so excited for Infamous: Second Son.

metal gear solid 4

4. Metal Gear Solid 4

I’ve played every main Metal Gear Solid game. Main meaning: 1, 2, 3, and of course, 4. I remember putting Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes in the Gamecube (played the remake) with my friend and our minds were blown by the crazy stylish cut-scenes. The second game I still loved, but it was really the third game that hooked me. I remember I beat the third game at least eight times, and I remember sitting down to play it once in the morning, and not stopping until I beat it that night. But that was on PS2, so naturally the PS3 Metal Gear Solid was equally amazing to me.

Metal Gear Solid 4 was the second game I ever played on my PS3, and the graphics blew my mind. I loved the gameplay advancements with being able to actually move the camera. It still encompassed a lot of sneaking, but it wasn’t as hopeless if you ended up in a fire fight. Not to mention the amazing story, and what I still consider one of the greatest endings in a video game. The dramatic conclusion after so many years—they did it so perfectly. I know people complain it was too long and dragged out, but I think it was necessary. There were so many years spent on characters and settings to wrap up it all up, of course it will take time.

I was obsessed with the multiplayer at the time as well. To this day, I haven’t played anything as nerve racking as the Team Sneaking mode. Something about hiding in the shadows with a team searching for you makes your heart pound rapidly. Not only that, it was tough, unlike many of the fairly easy multiplayer’s today. You could even go down in levels if you weren’t good enough! Anyone can prestige ten times in Call of Duty if given enough time, but in MGO, you needed to constantly have good games or you would drop a level. It was tough and it was rewarding, exactly what a game should be. Even though this game came out in 2008, I still consider it one of the best games on the PS3.

valkryia chronicles

3. Valkyria Chronicles

Another game from 2008, and one of my absolute favorites. It may be weird putting it as number three on this list when being compared to some highly popular and successful games, but there was just something about this game that has always grabbed me and never left. The themes this game incorporates can transcend generations. Whether it’s the racist connotations, the senseless love prevailing, comradery among friends, the problems of war, or why war may be necessary. I remember downloading the demo not sure what to expect, but the beautiful water-color art style blew me away. I didn’t think a game could look that beautiful. I absolutely loved the short demo that was available. I played it over and over and over, until I could beat the level in one turn. I knew right then, I would have this game, and it was the first game I have ever preordered (completely unnecessary of course, there was no extra content and not like it would be sold out, but I still did it.)

The game was so original. The map displayed to give a very tactical feel, but switching to a third-person shooter for your actual turn was brilliant. It had its faults of course, but I could easily overlook them. The gameplay was challenging, but it took brains and clever tactics to win, not just skill. I have over a hundred hours spent in this game and it doesn’t have that many extras—hell it doesn’t even have trophies! But I’ve lost count how many times I’ve actually beaten it trying to earn that ‘A’ rank in all the levels. This game will forever stick with me, and I still have a little hope that Valkyria Chronicles 3 will be brought to the West…someday.

the last of us

2.  The Last of Us

Okay, everyone knows this game, it only came out half a year ago after all, but that doesn’t matter. I know many people think this game is overrated and overhyped. They think it’s good, but not as amazing as everyone makes it out to be. Well, I think it is that amazing. The story, the characters, the setting, and the gameplay are all remarkable. I love every bit of it. Naughty Dog portrayed that anti-hero perfectly with Joel, because Joel is not a good person, yet you pull for him (well, I do at least). Ellie, that badass little girl, is one of the greatest characters I’ve seen in a long time. I think characters drives story, and this game is a perfect example as why that is so.

Not to mention, it’s just so much fun to play. The gritty realism that it entails was horrifically wonderful. The fear of being chased by those Clickers still haunts me. Deciding if I should waste my last three bullets on a group of Hunters, or maybe I could take them out one by one using bricks I find. Never before did I hang onto a Molotov so long, because it was my last hope when things just got a little too out of control. I have beaten the campaign four times and probably three-fourths of the way for a fifth time. I didn’t think I would be so addicted to the multiplayer either. I thought it would be a passing fancy, but here it is, six months later, and I still play it. The Last of Us is the only game that I have a platinum trophy in. This is one of the greatest games I’ve played in a long time, and it will probably be the game that will make me plug in my PS3 a year from now to experience it again.

uncharted 2

1. Uncharted 2

And here it is, my number one choice, Uncharted 2. Can you believe I actually bought this game as an impulse? I saw it in a store and thought, “well, I liked Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune but it was just decent, I guess I’ll try the second one.” Needless to say, it was a great impulse buy. I played through the story and remember getting to that famous train sequence. At the time, that was absolutely amazing. I remember my roommate at the time stopped what he was doing to watch the section because of how incredible it actually was. He referred to it as the “Train Game” from then on. I remember beating the campaign, and not even hesitating to start it again. The characters and writing is still some of the greatest I’ve experienced. It was the little interactions in this game that were done so well to truly make this game one of the greats. I’m referencing the Marco Polo scene here for those that need an example.

I was unimpressed with the multiplayer when I first played it as well. I thought the Team Deathmatch and other versus modes were terrible. The co-op adventure was better, but only having a couple levels made it get old quickly. I tried survival and was hooked. I’ve easily spent over a hundred hours trying to get through those ten waves. It was a blast to try and survive the onslaught, and only a month ago I played it with my friend again. Any game that you play years after it was released, and choosing to play it over a more recently released game in that series (Uncharted 3), means you have a one-of-a-kind game. The quirkiness, the gameplay, the mythology, the puzzles (even if a bit easy), just everything about this game is perfect, and it wasn’t hard to claim this as my favorite game on PS3.

So what’s your list? Leave a comment below and tell us.

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