Today, on the Playstation Blog, Sony have announced PS4 firmware version 1.70 which will add some key features in sharing content from the console.

Firstly, the upcoming update will add a “rich” video editor, allowing players to personalise their video clips and then go on to save those clips – and screenshots – to a external USB drive. On top of that, the update will add a option to disable HDCP. For those who don’t know that’s high definition capture protection; turning it off will allow people to capture extended gameplay scenes via HDMI. That’s a first for a Playstation platform.

Scott McCarthy, of SCEA, said in the blog post,”We recognise that some gamers want to record and share longer clips of their gameplay sessions, and we’re excited to deliver this option with PS4. There’s a lot more coming in this update as well, so stay tuned for more — there will be plenty in the update to excite everyone.”

In that same post, Sony also teased the next update. Coming at some point soon, Twitch streams will be able to be archived and viewed at the higher resolution of 720p.

Excited for more sharing options from your PS4?
Let us know what your going to show off (and your twitch channel) in the comments.

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