All those arcade fans out there rejoice, there is a controller modification made specifically for you called the Rcade Freek by Kontrol Freek.  This controller mod takes the feel and control of a joystick to the console of your choice.  The Rcade Freek are thumb stick mods that sit on top of your controllers thumbsticks.  There is no tools necessary to take advantage of this product, you simply push them on the top of your thumbsticks and you are ready to go.  The Rcade Freek, much like all the Kontrol Freek products, fits most Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 first and third party controllers.  The Rcade Freek itself takes the top portion of an arcade joystick, makes it lighter and slightly smaller, and has it sit on the top of your thumbsticks.  Brilliantly simple to install and effective in its design, the Rcade Freek certainly accomplishes what it sets out to do and that is giving you an arcade stick feel to a standard controller.

My personal experiences with this product were very  positive.  I found that when the controller was placed on your lap and you just the thumbstick much like you would arcade controlls, the product does feel like an arcade stick.  The Rcade Freek sits securely and snugly on your thumbsticks.  I didn’t have any problems controlling my favorite arcade games whether is was Pac-man or Asteroids.  I did find that the Rcade Freek does sit high on the thumbstick itself so some players may have trouble holding the controller and effectively maneuvering the thumbstick at the same time.  This isn’t a defect in the product but more a design decision and I think it works well for what it does.

Rcade Freeks give your controller a retro feel and those that play a lot of arcade games will come to appreciate the feel and function of this product.  I’m sure most gamers know that arcade sticks are very large and very expensive pieces of gaming equipment and they generally require some tinkering afterwards.  These sticks also take up a lot of space and are usually corded to the console.  It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to get an arcade stick for $80 dollars new so the cost can be prohibitive for gamers.  With this product available for a fraction of the price, it makes a lot of sense to get a set of Rcade Freeks than to spend the money to get a full stick.  It is not to say that this product is going to replace your stick especially if you already have one.  This product is perfect for just playing some retro games without the hassle of taking out your stick.  The Rcade Freeks are small and light and go on and off the thumbsticks very easily and its for that reason that I think they will at least supplement your stick or become an important part of your gaming experience if you don’t use this for fighting games.

Overall, this is a great niche product for gamers.  As I mentioned earlier, if you are into arcade games this product should appeal to you.  I am happy to report that this product worked great for me and I am confident it will do the same for you.  Granted this product is not for everyone and if you are looking for better grip or control of your games I would recommend the FPS Freek line over this one.  However, this is still a great line of products and especially for those arcade fans out there this product is going to give you the feel of an arcade stick without the cost.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

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