If you are a fan of the Lost Colony universe, a new art book has just been released by Titan Comics that will give you some back story to the events surrounding Lost Planet 3. Fans will get a better understanding as to why everyone decided to go to EDN III and what is so special about that planet. You get all this in a 48 page, fully illustrated comic setting up the video game nicely. Though the book specifically speaks to fans of the franchise, if you wanted to see what Lost Planet 3 was about, this would be a nice intro to the game.


The story takes place on the planet of E.D.N. III. The pirate vessel Crusader has crash landed on the surface looking to pillage the resources left over from earlier attempts to terraform the planet. However, they are not the only ones who know about all these resources. The NeoVenus Construction (NEVEC) organization is hot on their tails and can easily swoop in and reclaim their investment.

As you can tell, the story is fairly compact but does a nice job of setting up the game. Even if you never played a Lost Planet game before, this graphic novel can stand on its own. Since this story takes place before the events of the video game, the story takes a little while to get going, especially since there is a ton of set up, but after the midway mark there is plenty of action to be had. The characters are nicely set up and fans of the series will get lots of nods to their favorite characters, which is always a good thing.


Overall, Lost Planet First Colony is a solid entry in the lore of the Lost Planet archive. While we would have loved to see something with a little more depth, for a retail price of $10, you really can’t complain. Especially when you consider that this is a hardcover edition, there is plenty of value in this graphic novel. If you are a fan of Lost Planet, you are clearly going to get more out of this than anyone else. However, if you were at all curious about the franchise and wanted to dip your toe in with a small upfront investment, this graphic novel is a great way to go ahead with that. With a great license, nice art style and interesting story arch, we definitely recommend this graphic novel to all those comic fans out there.

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