We’re just halfway done with 2014, but there are still some fantastic titles coming to the PlayStation Vita. While Sony’s struggling handheld doesn’t have much of anything first party heading it’s way, ports from other platforms and some new third party titles bulk up the the Vita’s ever-growing library. Without further ado, these are New Gamer Nation’s top 5 upcoming Vita games for 2014:

5) Minecraft


Release Date: August 2014

Why We’re Excited: The prospect of being able to craft worlds on the go – and this time with physical controls, unlike the touchscreen only iOS version – seems like a dream come true. Minecraft on Vita just may be one of the best ways to play from portability alone, because being able to continue building your world whenever you want, and pausing to put the game in standby mode on Vita will be a brilliantly quick way to jump back into the action.

Why We’re Worried: It’s taken forever for the port to come out, and ported games on Vita have a history of not running as well as their original version. Our hops is that the potentially huge creations Minecraft can host won’t be held back by the Vita’s power.


4) Child of Light


Release Date: June 1, 2014

Why We’re Excited: This gorgeous UbiArt powered game was received incredibly positively by the gaming press, and if it translates half as well as the Rayman games from Ubisoft, Child of Light may have its greatest showing on Vita – especially for the original Vita’s OLED screen to show off the UbiArt engine and all of its glory.

Why We’re Worried: Like many Vita games, the main concern here will be how well the game runs on the portable. The fluidity of Child of Light shouldn’t be ruined by a choppy framerate, so we hope the port doesn’t produce a inferior version.

3) Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair


Release Date: September 2, 2014

Why We’re Excited: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc was a surprise hit for the Vita, and the sequel was announced for Vita right before the first game’s release. While both games have already been released on PSP, those who haven’t experienced Danganronpa are sure to enjoy the engaging – sometimes disturbing – story and universe, and we can’t wait to experience the despair-filled world.

Why We’re Worried: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc was simply incredible, so the expectations for the sequel are pretty high. Those who have already played both say that the sequel is actually the better of the two, but after playing the first title, it’s hard to believe. If Danganronpa 2 can surpass the first entry, it may just be one of the best titles to grace the Vita.

2) Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number


Release Date: TBA 2014

Why We’re Excited: Hotline Miami had one of its best showings on Sony’s handheld, and the transformation from keyboard and mouse to twin stick shooter made the game better. While precision dropped, fluidity increased, and the game became smooth as silk. Playing the short, compact levels in Hotline Miami was perfect on the go, so we can’t wait to have even more Hotline Miami goodness on the go.

Why We’re Worried: The story in the first Hotline Miami was decent at best, and the premise for this sequel seems interesting, but we’re holding out hope until we get our hands on it. Even if the story is a letdown again, the fast paced brutality will always keep us entertained.

1) Freedom Wars


Release Date: TBA 2014

Why We’re Excited: There are plently of reasons we’re excited for Freedom Wars. For one, it’s a brand new exclusive for PlayStation Vita, and unfortunately, we don’t get to say that too often. The game looks and plays a bit like the similar Vita Soul Sacrifice series, but with more depth, exciting weapons and battles. The premise also intrigues us, as the protagonist has to work for the state, and each mission completed will cut down his sentence until he eventually becomes free.

Why We’re Worried: The Monster Hunter type games can be a little dry at times, and we’ve experienced so many titles with that type of gameplay. Freedom Wars looks to really be changing up the pace and action, so any worry we have is minute.


What’re your most anticipated PlayStation Vita games? Let us know in the comments below, and stick to NGN for the latest news and reviews of  these Vita games and more.

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