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If you were a fan of SideQuest Studios’ RPG Rainbow Moon last year, you might be pleasantly amused by the fact that they are now working on a new RPG entitled Rainbow Moon. Don’t let the ‘Rainbow’ in the title mislead you as this will not be a sequel.

Built on Rainbow Moon’s system, Rainbow Skies is a completely new game that is set in a new world with new characters and a new story. A lot of feedback has been taken into consideration and we are confident that Rainbow Skies will offer an even deeper and more versatile gameplay experience, while staying absolutely true to its roots. We can’t wait to show more of Rainbow Skies to our fans.

– Marcus Pukropski, CEO of SideQuest Studios

Some new features in Rainbow Skies have been provided to get your juices flowing which will include:

  • Monsters can be caught, upgraded, and become part of the player’s party
  • An advanced battle system with new combo attacks
  • New treasure-hunt quests and an improved side quest system
  • Various buildings can be entered and explored
  • Lots of new and exciting dungeon elements
  • New mini games

Now that I got you all excited, you are going to have to wait a while to play Rainbow Skies as it is still very early on in the development stage and isn’t expected to hit consoles and handhelds until late 2014. For now enjoy the few screenshots below.

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