Turtle Beach has recently decided to make a push into the Mac space and become a force in market for Mac gamers. The result is a very impressive and beautifully designed headset that is a must have for anyone that is gaming on a Mac. Sure it is a niche market, but the beauty and function of this headset sets it apart in a market that is full of competitors. There are some faults, as most headsets have, but the overall package is impressive and definitely a worthy addition to the Turtle Beach line.

Sound: 10

Let’s just cut to the chase, the sound that comes out of the i60 is excellent. The i60 features a set 50mm drivers in the headset which provide more than enough power to perform to even your most stringent expectations. Most headsets utilize a 40mm setup, but in this headset you are getting a bigger speaker for deeper and fuller lows and louder sound in general. The headset also comes with a number of pre-programmed equalizer settings which can be switched with the press of a button on the headset itself. A voice prompt will tell you which setting you are using at the moment, so you won’t have to play with software settings or profiles in the middle of what you are doing. Getting the most out of your headset was never easier and more convenient. Of course, you can always play with your iTunes equalizer settings for an even deeper layer of sound customization.

From a pure performance-based perspective, what you are able to get out of the i60 is impressive compared to other wireless options on the market today. The base response is very deep so if you prefer a lot of bass in your games or music, this headset is a great option. However, the i60 manages to sound great in just about every situation we subjected it to. Whether you blasted music at max volume, used it for gaming while chatting with your friends or just answered your phone, the headset always managed to sound crystal clear and was free of distortion. The headset even allowed us to pick up even the subtlest of sounds showing us that the headset didn’t even break a sweat when we gave it our worst. There is literally nothing else you can ask of this headset as far as how it sounds. We were very impressed with its performance and we aren’t easy to please.


Features: 10

While the i60 is big on sound, it also contains a number of features that give you even more to love about this headset. If you own a Mac, this headset has plenty of platform specific options that make it an even better buy for you. After all, this headset was designed with Apple enthusiasts in mind.

As we mentioned earlier, this headset features a 50mm driver in each ear. This is a very powerful speaker for this kind of application, but the results speak for themselves. You are given a loud, clear and rich sound from the headset which is exactly what you want. The headset also has a built in mic that is flush with the headset’s chassis. Since the mic is internal and not boomed, you can’t adjust the mics location relative to your face, but it still does the job well. There is some loss of noise cancelling so your friends might pick up a little extra background noise, but it wasn’t excessive in any capacity and it was perfectly within acceptable parameters.

Obviously, this is a wireless mic but it connects via Bluetooth which really open up how you can use this headset. You can pair the headset with your iPhone or iPod and stream music, movies or games and even answer calls. We also found that it connected to our Android devices and works just fine outside the Apple product line, however, if you don’t use an iPhone you won’t get to access all the phones secondary functions. Things like Siri or voice command work best when used with Apple products. We really liked the headsets capability to connect via Bluetooth and it really makes this headset much more versatile than other headsets on the market.

The i60 uses a separate transmitter when you connect it to a computer which gives you another level of control over your media. You can independently control the headset’s volume and chat volume all on the same wheel. It works great and it looks great with a Mac set up, as well. The transmitter also has a nice range that allows you to step away from the computer without having to stop listening to your music or movies. We really enjoyed the styling and functionality of the headset / transmitter combination and it made the headset very easy to use and pair without the need for software.


Value: 8

While the i60 far surpassed our technical expectations, the only flaw that gets in the way of making this headset perfect is the price. The headset has an MSRP of $399.99, which is a significant investment to make in sound for any kind of application. Even tournament grade headsets, which the i60 is not, doesn’t cost this much money. While we feel that this headset is the finest wireless headset that we’ve tested especially in the wireless category, it is a lot to ask gamers to shell out this kind of money. However, if you have the money and you are okay with making the investment, you’d be hard pressed to find a better quality comparable headset. We felt that while it was easy to find cheaper options on the market today, finding the quality that you get with this headset is rare. While spending $399.99 is a lot to ask, you certainly get what you pay for.

Ease of Use / Comfort: 10

The installation of the i60 was very easy on both Mac and PC applications, despite the Mac/Mobile designation. You simply plug-in the control module to your computer and it is immediately installed and activated. Then you just turn on the headset and you are ready to go. From there you can use the toggle switch to go to the profile that sounds best to you. It really doesn’t get much easier than this. You only need one open USB connection and the hardware does the rest for you. All the sound and headset controls are located on the back of each ear cup. They control everything from switching equalizer settings to muting the built-in mic. The buttons are raised and changing any options via the headset controls are prompted by a voice confirmation. You shouldn’t need to see what button you are pressing and the voice prompts ensure that you are adjusting the settings you want to adjust.

From a comfort standpoint, this headset is very comfortable. It features an over-the-ear design with several points of articulation for optimal fit and comfort. The cups fold flat for easy storage and they move to accommodate the contours of your head. The headband itself is also padded nicely with just enough padding to allow you to game for as long as you like without any difficulty or discomfort. Both the headband and ear cups are coated in a soft faux leather finish to add that little extra layer of comfort. All in all, this headset feels great, it is easy to use and it looks great too. This headset is truly the “complete package”.


Overall: 9.5

Overall, the Turtle Beach Earforce i60 is one of the finest headsets we had the pleasure to test. It manages to do everything well from the sound quality to the build quality, there is plenty to appreciate with this model. While the headset is quite expensive, it may not fit most modest budgets and it wouldn’t do well in some specific situations, but if you can scrape together the money for this headset, it is worth every penny. We loved this headset and we know you will too, so we give it our Editor’s Choice recommendation, the highest honor we can bestow.

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  • viruzz

    you just reviewed a product but forgot to review its main selling point, this is NOT a regular headset and the reason its so expensive is because its uses DTS Headphone:X technology, currently its THE best virtual surround sound tech and this headset is the first one that supports it.
    It works both on MAC and PC , please test it in surround and let us know, to enable the surround you need to change it in the sound settings to support 7.1, then play a game or a bluray/dvd that has any surround track and please let us know.


  • lordV

    Looks like the writers ignored your request or acknowledged their error. Many thanks for pointing this out however, I just read the review expecting to see something about the DTS and saw nothing, thought I was going mad. Without the DTS then this is just a normal bluetooth headset, just like a UE9000 or similar sony bluetooth.

    Thanks for pointing this out

    • Joe Marchese, Editor in Chief

      Well it is a little bit of both. We tested this unit in a non-Mac environment due to a number of technical issues so the DTS functionality was not supported during our process. Rather than list the capability or talk about something we didn’t test, we left it out of the review. We were planning on updating our review once we made the appropriate repairs to our Mac devices. As I’m sure you can understand, fixing Macs aren’t cheap and being a member of the independent gaming press doesn’t pay very well, so the process has taken longer than we originally hoped.

      In the end, we tried to do the right thing for everyone. We posted our mostly complete review with the parts we didn’t test omitted until we actually tested them and we’ll fill in the blanks for the long term phase of the review. I apologize if you were disappointed with our coverage or we didn’t meet your expectations. I encourage you to check back and see our impressions in the near future.

  • lordv

    Just done a bit more reading on these and note that they have some other interesting features. With the transmitter plugged in to the USB port, these headphones connect with dual band wifi, not bluetooth. So signal should be much improved. Also I think surround sound can only be used when in RF wifi mode, not bluetooth, assume bluetooth doesn’t have the bandwidth.

    However bluetooth can be connected at the same time as wifi, I.e. You connect headphones to PC via wifi, and connect your iPhone via bluetooth at the same time. A call comes in and you just answer it, without disconnecting and reconnecting. Also on the computer side you have multiple volume levels for chat or gaming, nice touch.

    Finally the model down the i30 seems to get noise cancelation and voice morphing, but looses the wifi and surround sound. Seems strange the model below gets features the top of the line doesn’t, but that’s the way I read it.