E3 is a truly amazing time of the year.  At no other event will you get the explosion of video game news you get during the week of E3.  And now that E3 2013 is done and in the books, it’s time to do what we writers do best and judge what we saw.  These are our best games of E3 2013.

Ryan McNeal – Writer

3. Mirror’s Edge 2

Many people, including myself, have been waiting for this day for years; the day when EA would finally announce Mirror’s Edge 2.  After years of begging EA to make a sequel, it was beginning to seem like the game would be nothing more than vaporware.  But after all this time, our wishes have finally been fulfilled.  Proof positive that the squeaking wheel gets the oil.  While Mirror’s Edge 2 is a reboot/prequel rather than an actual sequel, I’m still beyond excited for this game to come out.


2. Transistor

Transistor is one of those unique games that make you want to learn as much as you can about it.  When I first saw Transistor, there were four things that stood out to me.  The first was the art.  The art is superb; it’s both striking and intriguing, and I want to see more.  The second was the city of Cloudbank, a dark and wondrous city that you can’t help but want to explore.  Third was the combat system; I found the ability to strategize and plan out attacks very interesting.  The last thing that stood out to me was the concept of the game.  After hearing the people from Supergiant Games talk about the it in further detail, I can tell this game will be special.


1. Destiny

Before E3, I didn’t exactly know what to think of Destiny. Everything about it sounded interesting, but I still had some reservations.  To tell the truth, I thought Bungie was possibly biting off more than they could chew with how ambitious this project seemed.  Those worries were laid to rest after I watched the gameplay demo.  Everything in the demo looked great, sounded great, and had the kind of quality you’d expect from a developer of Bungie‘s caliber.  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this game.


Best of Show: TitanFall

Personally, I’m more of a single-player kind of guy, so out of all the games present at E3 this year, I never would’ve thought a multiplayer-only game would interest me the most.  I was really blown way by the fast-paced action demonstrated in the gameplay demo; it’s almost like Call of Duty with a couple shots of adrenaline.  This game is only made more astounding by beautiful visuals and animations that compliment the intense action.  I’m also impressed with the amount of attention Respawn has seemingly put into the multiplayer experience in order to give it all the cinematic immersion of a single-player game.  Maybe that’s why I liked it so much.  All I know is that this game looks so good it may have actually sold me on getting an Xbox One.


Neil Connors – Writer

3. Ryse

I will not own an Xbox One, and I can say that with complete confidence, but I admit I would love to play this game. It looks like it will carry a pretty dramatic narrative that is – at the very least – a climatic thrill ride. The gameplay worried me with all the QTEs, but after learning more about it, those were just finishing moves, and the actual combat will have a more fluent play style without all the QTEs. If the developers do a good job making sure the game reflects the time period accurately, it could be a very remarkable game. Working with other soldiers in formations and ordering soldiers is a nice touch. I could see the battles getting pretty intense and, if done right, this game could be one of the greats.


2. Final Fantasy XV

I’m a big Final Fantasy fan—yes, that includes their latest games as well. This game looks like it could have an overall darker feel to it – that may not be the case at all, but I am a fan of how it looks so far. The story looks like it has some serious potential, and the setting has really grabbed my attention. The gameplay has my palms sweating as I imagine all the possible moves and combos. I’m sure there is a great leveling system in place that gives you some personalization, but most importantly, the gameplay just looks downright fun. Some of the action sequences that appear to be playable parts are mind-blowing. I’m expecting to have my jaw drop countless times during this game. Final Fantasy has been getting a bad rep lately, but I’m still a fan, and this has definitely got my attention.


1. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

I absolutely love every Metal Gear Solid game I have ever played (I haven’t played them all admittedly). How many other games can make climbing a ladder completely epic? This game looks like it has everything I love about MGS while being able to bring in fresh material. I’m sure the story will be so amazing that it becomes an instant classic like the rest of the series, but all the updated gameplay features only add to the overall experience. Everyone probably loves the idea of a sandbox game, but I have to admit, that only worries me. I can easily see the “sandbox” portion of the game consisting of simply riding around for ten minutes between locations in a boring desert landscape. However, the “strategic freedom” aspect of that is great, and I cannot wait to see how well it works. Things like real-time weather and realistic passage of time are also little things to make a good game great. It isn’t hard to imagine you need to learn when guards patrol to sneak by, or waiting for night with less visibility. All in all, this game is easily going to be one of the best games coming out, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.


Best in show: Infamous: Second Son.

I may be slightly biased here because I’m relying too heavily on the past two Infamous games, but if Second Son is anything like the first two, it will easily become one of my favorites. I am wowed by Sucker Punch’s ability to create a powerful narrative. Every time I beat an Infamous game, I sit and stare at the TV like an idiot, not sure what I’m supposed to do after playing such an amazing game. All that aside, Second Son looks remarkable. All the good core gameplay is still there, but with the new powers, there is so much more potential. Not that Cole was getting old, but it would be fun to play as someone new. Not to mention the environments look as great as always, and now there appears to be a big increase in destruction of the environment. I’m not worried about a new protagonist at all. If Sucker Punch can do anything it’s creating memorable characters—especially the protagonist. I’m pretty confident that Infamous: Second Son will be the first game I will own on the PS4.


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