According to Venturebeat:

“Nexon and NCsoft, two major Asian online game companies, are reportedly in talks with U.S. gamemaker Valve to buy the company for more than $893 million, according to a major Korean publication.

Joongang News reported that the companies recently met together on Sept. 26 in Hawaii to discuss a possible merger.”

Nexon is the head of famous free-to-play RPG MapleStory, while Valve is famous for shooters such as Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Left 4 Dead. While they might not seem to mix, one must note the games’ popularity in Southeast Asia.

Other updates reported on VentureBeat include several observers, like analyst Michael Pachter, saying that Valve is worth a lot more than the $893 million, or 1 trillion Korean won, that Joongang News mentioned. A Valve spokesman dismissed the story as a “rumor.” Others said that Valve is likely worth twice the stated price. Korean gaming website GameChosun has reported that both NCSoft and Nexon have denied rumors of a joint acquisition.

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