Another video game is getting the Hollywood treatment as Straight Up Films has acquired the rights to the Thief series. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting the movie will be written by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes. The two have worked on movies such as Misconduct and Not Safe for Work. Marisa Polvino and Kate Cohen, of Straight Up Films, will produce the movie, along with Roy Lee, under Vertigo Entertainment, and Adrian Askarieh, under Prime Universe production.

Roy Lee you may recognize as a producer for the Departed, and Adrian Askarieh recently produced the Hitman movie adaptation. The film is said to be set in a “dark fantasy world where a master thief tries to restore freedom, which has been denied by a magic-wielding tyrant.” The plot sounds more like the latest game in the series, however it is early in production so anything can change.

The Thief franchise was created by Looking Glass Studios published by Square Enix. Thief: The Dark Project was the first game in the series and spawned a couple sequels in the 2000’s. The latest entry was released in 2014 developed by Eidos-Montreal.

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