Endless Boss Fight is a new iOS game developed by Whitemilk Games and published by Kongregate that pits you with the task the title of the game so bluntly states: endure an endless boss fight for as long as possible. It is a standout visually, but some control issues and thin design hold it back.

In Endless Boss Fight, you play as a small robot dude with a box head and boxing gloves. You face off against a much larger robot that is constantly evolving as you defeat each rank. Essentially, you are seeing how long you can last in the ring, leveling up as you gain experience. It’s like a fighting game meets an endless runner. It’s a novel idea, and I think if executed better, there could be a great game here.

To defeat each boss, you must dodge their attacks, punch back missiles, and deal your own damage in the form of a flurry of punches. You dodge the missiles and attacks from the bosses by sliding your left thumb around the bottom left of the screen. When a missile comes in front of you, you punch it back at the boss by tapping the bottom right of the screen with your right thumb. After each wave of missiles sent your way, it is your turn to deal massive damage with a deadly volley of punches straight to the boss. The controls work well for the first couple of bosses, but as you progress, the controls really start to become a problem. There is not enough precision in the controls. They just feel very floaty. When you die, you don’t feel as though it is your fault, but rather the game’s fault for not responding correctly to your movements. This fluidity in controls hampers the experience greatly, especially when the game is asking you to hone your skills, dodge attacks, and get farther each time you play.


The missions are your standard endless runner fare. You’ll be attempting to destroy 20 blue missiles in a game and other things of that nature throughout the game. The missions work to keep you challenged for a bit, until you are inevitably frustrated by the controls. Endless Boss Fight also has some character stats, like attack and defense, that will increase the more you play. However, I still found myself wanting more to do in the beautiful game Whitemilk Games created. It’s a very straight forward game: fight the boss.

The strongest asset of the game is its visuals. I loved the designs of all the characters. I found it evocative of a lot of other games that I love, like Super Mario and Castle Crashers, while also having its own visual identity. Overall, it is a very pleasant looking game. If the core gameplay was more enjoyable, I wouldn’t have minded staring at this world for some serious hours.

Endless Boss Fight succeeds visually, but fails in more ways than one. The controls don’t work the way they need to, and as a result, the whole game suffers. I like the idea of a fighting game mixed with an endless runner, but I guess I’ll just keep waiting for a great one.

This review is based on a retail copy of the iOS version of Endless Boss Fight developed by Whitemilk Games

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Just Stand There And Take It | Endless Boss Fight Review
  • Nice Character Designs
  • Strong Visuals
  • Not Much To Do
  • Control Issues
6Overall Score
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