According to Game Industry International, two newly released titles have already topped the Ukie Top 40 Video Games charts. DC Comics’ Injustice: Gods Among Us debuted at number 1, while Fire Emblem: Awakening was ranked number 3. Awakening comes with a special blue 3DS XL, which represented 31% of 3DS XL sales this week and contributed to a 49% increase in hardware sales in the last week.

Bioshock: Infinite was pushed down to number 2,  God of War: Ascension just made it back to number 18, and Sleeping Dogs was back at 20.

Personally, I’m happy with this news, as I am a big fan of Elseworlds graphic novel literature but—especially—the heavily promoted Superman: Red Son. I hope that the big revenue from the sale can send a message to both Warner Brothers and DC Comics that Elseworlds would be a good DC Comics investment.

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