Square-Enix has announced its video game lineup for E3 2011. This year’s lineup is a mix between brand new titles and established titles. It includes such classics as Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy, but also has newcomers such as WakFu and Dead Island. We’re counting down the Top 5.

5. Dead Island – Dead Island is a 3rd person zombie thriller based on an island resort. At the outset, a Zombie outbreak occurs and infects the whole island. Four resort members find themselves unaffected by the outbreak and must use everyday items to fight through the zombie infestation and survive. The most interesting features of Dead Island are the RPG elements and the co-op mode. Although fighting a zombie infestation with everyday items sounds pretty similar to Dead Rising, I’m pretty interested to see how this game plays.

4. Tomb Raider – Eidos’ classic franchise is back for another installment. This time around it explains the origin of Lara Croft. Although the Tomb Raider series has been marred by difficult controls, since Crystal Dynamics has been in charge it has been significantly better. Let’s just hope we get more Tomb Raider Legend than Tomb Raider Underworld. If you’re interested, there is a trailer available at www.tombraider.com.

3. Hitman – The long awaited, latest installment in the Hitman series follows agent 47 as he tries to escape a conspiracy, and is on the run from the police. This installment has been completely rebuilt and boasts cinematic gameplay. Hitman: Absolution will ship sometime in 2012 and no release date has been announced. However, there is a trailer if you go to www.hitman.com

2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The latest installment in the Deus Ex series is a prequel to the original, and will be released in August of this year. The series is famed for its RPG elements and Human Revolution doesn’t look to disappoint. Enhanced strength, cloaking and x-ray vision are just some of the abilities you’ll get in this first person shooter. It’s worth noting that Human Revolution will not have a multi player. Personally, I would’ve liked a multi-player mode, but Human Revolution looks to be pretty exciting regardless.

1. Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Without a doubt, Final Fantasy is Square Enix’s flagship franchise. FFXIII-2 is the sequel to the sometimes controversial FFXIII , and just second sequel in the storied franchise’s history. Very few details have been announced thus far. We do know that it will take place several years after the events of FFXIII and that Lightning is missing at the start of the game. It’ll be interesting to see how Square changes things up this time. For better or worse, in recent series installments they seem very reluctant to stand pat on the traditional RPG formula.

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