Part 2 of our Top 20 moments of E3 2011. Let’s hop to it!

15. Star Trek Game – With all the successful Star Wars game adaptations couldn’t we get 1 JUST 1 successful Star Trek adaptation? We haven’t yet, but this Star Trek game looks to end that drought. The game will be a third person shooter, and early footage of it shows co-op gameplay as well as players being able to fly shuttles. The story is set between the first JJ Abrams Star Trek remake that came out and the sequel that will come out in 2012. The game will also be released sometime in 2012.

14. New Nintendo Console (WiiU) – I wanted to put this higher. I really did. I’m definitely intrigued by the hardware, but the lack of software at this year’s E3 hurt the WiiU. The new Zelda title will be released on the Wii, not the WiiU. At this time, we don’t really have any idea of what’s going to be on the WiiU. However, I did like the use of the new Nintendo controller as a sniper sight, and as a golf tee. If done right, motion capture in a game can be fun. Having said that, Nintendo still has some questions to answer. For example, what does a system with a controller that can also play video games cost?

13. PS Move Titles - from a gameplay standpoint I think the PS Move will speed up gameplay. I like being able to point and pass in NBA 2K12. I also liked how Medieval Moves: Deadman’s quest was able to figure out what weapon I wanted to use based on my movements. No menus to navigate whatsoever. I also liked the use of motion control in the Star Wars game. Being able to move objects with a simple wave of my hand is just plain cool. I’m not even a huge Star Wars fan.

12. Modern Warfare 3 - The third installment in the Modern Warfare series looked amazing at this year’s show. New maps, missions, and modes will make this the best MW game to date. In terms of story, MW3 will pick up right where MW2 left off. Destructible environments, automatic grenade turrets, attack helicopters, subterranean passageways, suicide bombers, and dogs strapped with C4 (who doesn’t like dogs??) are just a taste of what the game will feature. Look for Modern Warfare 3 on November 08, 2011.

11. Battlefield 3 - Battlefield 3 is also scheduled for a fall 2011 release (October 25, 2011), which means that it will be directly competing with MW3 which will also be released this fall. From the looks of the trailers released, the graphics and animations look amazing! We do have a slight feel for how “destructible” the environments will be. The “fault line” trailer shows the ground shake and the entire road break apart in the process. There’s also some footage released showing tank battles. The release schedule this fall is shaping up to be a good one!

Tune in tomorrow for 6-10

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