If you’re like me, trophies/achievements offer unique experiences in games today. No matter how tedious some may seem to grab, there is no substitute for the joy you feel once you hear that sound when they unlock.

***This article contains SPOILERS***

After recently getting all of the PS4 trophies, I will give some advice and tips on how to get the harder ones (Benevolent Leader, Mercenary, RobCo’s Worst Nightmare, Prankster’s Return, …They’re Action Figures!, Homerun!, …The Harder They Fall & Lovable) to ensure you grab that Platinum Trophy! I will only cover the trophies/achievements that are missable and not story-related. I will also give tips on how to finish the game by unlocking Powering Up, Rockets’ Red Glare, Ad Victoriam, The Nuclear Option and The Nuclear Family, in one sitting (So you don’t lock any of the other quests out!) by using saves.


The way you’ll feel after getting the Platinum Trophy

(Editor’s Note: I completed all the trophies on the PS4, but they should work for Xbox One also. If not, please let me know in the comment section!)



This one is fairly simple: Find a companion you like (I used Piper) and don’t upset them! Complete the side quest they give you and make good dialect choices so that they love you. For instance, Piper likes when you tell the truth, pick locks that aren’t owned, and is against violence. She dislikes lying, stealing, killing innocents, and asking for caps or rewards.


Go to the Diamond City Marketplace, starting from ground level at the entrance. Notice the baseball home plate on the ground, touch it, and go right. You will come across a base. Go left and continue to make a diamond shape until you have touched the other 2 bases and have touched the home plate.

…The Harder They Fall


You have to kill 5 gigantic creatures, either Behemoths or Mirelurk Queens. This can be easily done if you are equipped with the right gun. You need to get the Overseer’s Guardian (Which is by far the best gun in the game, once upgraded). You can buy this gun at Vault 81 from Alexis Combes for about 1200 caps, but I strongly recommend it! About 6 to 10 shots with a good upgraded Overseer Guardian will do the trick. Just make sure you are far away as they can be lethal if they come in contact with you. I killed 5 Behemoths and didn’t even bother with the pesky Mirelurks but to each their own. The locations I killed them at were: 1. Swan’s Pond (Close to Boston Common), 2. Southward of Recon Bunker Theta, 3. Go down from Walden’s Pond until you reach a group of cars that resembles Stonehenge, 4. Right outside of Fort Strong, & 5. Westward of Natick Banks.

…They’re Action Figures!

This will also get you the “They’re Not Dolls…” trophy. I will list the locations of all 20:

  1. Agility – On the top floor of the ship, FMS Northern Star. It’s on the balcony overlooking the front of the ship. Easy to miss.
  2. Intelligence – In the Boston Public Library. In the big room on the northern part of the map, it is sitting on a desk in with a terminal on it.
  3. Medicine – When you go to Vault 81, you’re tasked with finding medicine for a sick kid. The quest is called “Hole in the Wall”. In the same room as the cure.
  4. Lockpicking – In Pickman’s Gallery, at the point where you meet Pickman. It’s on the ground beside the fire barrel.
  5. Perception – When you first meet the Minutemen, you are at Museum of Freedom. It’s on a desk in that same room.
  6. Energy Weapons – Take the elevator down at Fort Hagen and look for a cafeteria area. Go to where the refrigerators are in the back of the cafeteria and it’s beside them.
  7. Science – Go to Vault 75 and kill the enemies. Loot the Lab Access card on the Gunner on the Combat Course. There is a room in the lab above the course where the card is needed. It’s on a table.
  8. Explosives – At Saugus Ironworks, where you battle Slag. It’s right above where Slag was standing in the top-center of the room.
  9. Endurance – Go to Poseidon Energy. There are some rooms on the catwalk. In one room, you are greeted with a couple of enemies and Cutty. It’s on a desk in that same room.
  10. Unarmed – This is fairly easy. Head to Atoms Cats Garage. On the hood of the car in the garage.
  11. Barter – Located at Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery. In an office at the top of the main area.
  12. Melee – At the very top of Trinity Tower. The same cell that Rex and Strong are in.
  13. Speech – Located in the Overseer’s office in Vault 114. On the desk in the room where you meet Nick Valentine.
  14. Small Guns – At Gunner’s Plaza, there is a room behind the statue that says “On Air” above the door. It’s on the counter.
  15. Big Guns – In a room at Vault 95. It’s at the northern part of the map.
  16. Repair – At the very top of the catwalk at Corvega Assembly Plant.
  17. Strength – Look for a huge statue that is mounted on the wall at Mass Fusion. Go to the balcony above it and drop down on top of the statue.
  18. Luck – There is a tug boat on the coastline of Spectacle Island. It’s located in a locker in the main room.
  19. Sneak – You’ll have to turn your flashlight on for this one. Located at Dunwich Borers, it’s located in a ghoul-infested area of the map. Look for heavy fog.
  20. Charisma – After starting the Secret of Cabot House quest, travel to the asylum. It’s on a desk in Jack Cabot’s office.

RobCo’s Worst Nightmare

This trophy is not too hard to explain, but finding terminals can be a pain sometimes. During the last missions, at Mass Fusion, there are a good amount of terminals to hack. Other than that, level up your hacking perks (So that you have the Master level) and search for good locations. HalluciGen, Inc. has a bunch also. Other notable locations with multiple terminals to hack are: Cambridge Polymer Labs, ArcJet Systems, Greater Mass Blood Clinic, Jamaica Plain, Saugus Ironworks, & Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ.

Prankster’s Return

For this trophy, you have to obtain the Pickpocket Rank 2 perk. Once you have that, it’s a good idea to level up your sneak perks. You can make a save point, and try to do it in Diamond City or the Goodneighbor, just make sure you load it back right after you get the achievement.


Chalk this one up under an easy, but time-consuming trophy. Once you get in good with the Brotherhood of Steel, you have access to buy items from the weapons dealer in the Prydwen. Buy the Vertibird Signal Grenades and fast travel to a clear location like Starlight Drive-in and throw one. Board the Vertibird and you should see a notification pop up that you just completed a quest. Immediately exit the Vertibird, fast travel to another location and rinse, repeat. You can buy more signal grenade from the dealer every 48 hours.

Benevolent Leader

This is by far the most tedious trophy in the game. It is truly annoying and time-consuming. There is a reason why less than 2% of the world have this trophy (It was at 1.9% when I got it). Ok, I’m going to tell you what I did to achieve this. I chose Sanctuary to get this trophy. I had a Charisma level maxed out to 10 and equipped Grape Mentats to talk to settlers at other establishments to have them move to Sanctuary. You can have 10 + the total level number of Charisma you have. I believe the Grape Mentats add 5 more possible settlers. I had 25 people at my establishment and the “Settlers” bar in the top right corner (in workshop mode) was yellow. It needs to be yellow! You need to match the defenses, water, and food with the amount of settlers you have. Once you start this quest for the trophy, I advise not leaving the settlement, so make sure this is one of the last trophies you aim for. Put a bell in the middle of town and ring it every once in a while to get around the settlers, they like that. I saved up enough caps to buy multiple Clinics, Clothing, Bars, and Trader Emporiums. I bought a total of 17 shops, assigned them, and had the rest work on food to keep the Happiness level at bay. You will be sleeping and sitting a lot! The best thing to do is sleep for 24 hours, wake up, mingle with settlers, and do it again. Also, put Jukeboxes around the camp as this seemed to work for me. I have heard the pictures and decoration rumors but, I may have only had a few pictures up so I’m not a big believer in that. Eventually, the trophy you most definitely deserve will come your way!

Beating the game with saves, unlocking all possible faction trophies

My approach to this may be a little different than others but it worked. I completed all of the Minutemen quests first, including Defending the Castle. I then started running down the quests of BoS until I reached Blind Betrayal. At this point, I started the Railroad and the Institute’s questlines. When it gave me an option of building the Signal Interceptor in the Molecular Level quest, I chose the Minutemen. After speaking to Father, I did the quests for the Institute up until Mankind Redefined. At this point, you are warned that if you proceed to the Mass Fusion (From the Institute) you will gain an enemy in the BoS. BACK OUT of this option and create a save point! This is very important! Once the save is made, proceed to Mass Fusion to go about getting the Institute’s ending or the Railroad’s ending (The Railroad will not become enemies with you unless you go through with Father’s request of killing their leaders). Create an ADDITIONAL save point (one for either the Railroad or the Institute) and choose what route you want to go. For time’s sake, go with the Institute first. Once you finished the Institute’s questline you’ll get the Powering Up trophy and The Nuclear Family trophy. Start from the save after Mass Fusion and beat it with the Railroad faction in order to get the Rockets’ Red Glare trophy and the Nuclear Option trophy. Go back to the first save, beat the Brotherhood of Steel’s quest line to unlock the Ad Victoriam trophy.

Fallout 4

Thanks for reading and I hope I helped you out! Please comment below and let me know your strategies or ask any questions. You can also contact me on Twitter: @Krazy_Nate! I’ll answer them!

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