Project Black Sheep

Project Black Sheep

Project Black Sheep, is a brand new MMO, action, hack ‘n slash game currently under cooperative development by Korean online video games developer, NEOWIZ GAMES and Japanese video game publisher, Capcom.

Capcom have stated that players will be able to experience various combat styles and actions in Project Black Sheep, that have currently never been seen in other online action games. And while there are no official gameplay trailers currently available, Black Sheep has recently been referred to as “Devil May Cry Online” due to its heavy focus on stylised combat and fast paced action.


Project Black Sheep will utilise the Havok physics engine, which allows for real-time collision and dynamics of rigid bodies in three dimensions. Meaning that the games character and combat will be displayed in real time instead of relying on default designs.

While Black Sheep’s release date and supported platforms are currently unknown, the games first closed beta is scheduled for March 2014.

project black sheep 2
There is currently no gameplay footage available for Project Black Sheep, however Capcom have released a English dubbed teaser trailer that you can view below.

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