When Sony opened up their 2013 Gamescon press conference, Shuhei Yoshida offered us a glimpse in to what the PlayStation 4 experience will entail.  He was casually browsing the systems menus, checking his trophies, when he decided to watch a friends game.  After seeing what was poppin’ over there, he joined the game to show them how it’s done.

The user interface looked like Sony’s standard interface that they’ve been using for some time, but it was very clean.  The menus were fast and responsive when switching between games, and when he decided to check out a stream or upload a screenshot it took virtually no time at all.  Honestly the video shows just how cool this generation of consoles is aiming to be, and the amazing amount of interaction we’ll be able to have with our friends online.  It certainly is exciting to see how far the PlayStation Network has come!

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